ASB Organ pipes frontage

The organ restoration was completed in August 2015 and we started using it for church services, recitals and concerts in September 2015. 

Warmest thanks to all the individuals and organisations whose gifts and grants contributed to the £340,000 that made this happen.  For further details of the gifts, see here.

We are absolutely delighted with our restored organ.  The renowned organ builders Harrison & Harrison not only carried out thorough repairs, restoration, cleaning and replacement of worn out pipes, keyboards, sound chests, switches, wiring and other equipment, but took the opportunity to rebalance the sound by removing some pipes installed in 1969, and installing others to reinstate some of the original specification.  For further details of the organ restoration, see here.

While this was going on, our Piping Up! programme featured a number of events to celebrate the restoration of the organ, and to raise awareness of the heritage of our church, of the organ and its music, and of Blackheath itself. Piping Up! ran from October 2014 to November 2015, and was devised to help develop the outreach of the church into our local community, as well as to meet the requirements of the Heritage Lottery Fund’s grant of £100,000 towards the organ restoration. You can see here a record of all the public events in the Piping Up! programme, using the leaflets with which they were advertised. They start with the All Saints’ Music Festival on the weekend of 30 October/1 November 2015, and go back in time to the first event Family Art and Music Day on Sunday 5 October 2014.

As part of Piping Up!, we prepared a Cultural Heritage Trail for Blackheath Village. This can be viewed here where it can be downloaded, and then printed on to two A4 (or B4 or A3) sheets. Hard copies of the Cultural Heritage Trail are still available at All Saints’ Church and at Age Exchange, Blackheath Village.

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